Have you ever been to an event where everything is perfect and beautiful and then you hear the dreaded words, “I’m sorry  but we’re experiencing some TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES“. Unfortunately, most of us have been to events with bad sound! It’s always either too loud, too quiet, too boomy too tinny or just plain awful. The guests walk away saying, “we had a great time except we couldn’t hear what was going on”.

On the flip side of that, some of us have had the privilage of attending events with great sound. The interesting thing is, nobody walks out of the event saying, “wow, I could hear everything”. People don’t notice good production because the goal of good production is to be un-noticed. Anything that takes a guest out of the magic of the experience is a distraction.

No two events are alike and every space presents different obstacles to overcome. Soundguys Pro Audio is proactive and intentional about our event productions and for every large event we provide a free on site consultation. We take our reputation very seriously and in most cases, our crew is the first to arrive and last to leave. We hope you will consider hiring Soundguys for your next event.


Concerts and Shows

Every serious musician or band knows that the Audio Engineer is one of the most important parts of a production. You can have the most amazing band money can buy, but if your Audio Engineer is hard to work with or inexperienced,  everyone is in for a bad experience. At the core of Soundguys Pro Audio is a deep understanding of music and technology and how the two work together. Many of our crew are musicians and are in-tune with the needs of a preforming artist or band. At Soundguys we know that if the band is having a good time, everyone is having a good time!


Live Recording

Soundguys uses Pro Tools and Logic Pro to mutitrack our productions. We can also mix and master your recordings in one of our partner studios.



We’ve found that good consulting is a relationship. There’s no job too small for us. Not sure what to do? Call Sound Guys and we’ll help you figure it out.



We understand that not everyone can afford a professional Audio Engineer for weekly oporations such as worship services or even semi regular events. We are here to help. We can train your volunteers or staff in the basics of system management and console operation.




The best way to determine who to hire for your A/V install is to see their prior work on other jobs. We take pride in our work and would love to show you some of our projects. We have done churches, businesses and event centers both large and small. We are also partners with a number of local contractors and professionals who can get your job done right and safe.